Daquan Group is a professional group. Electrical, new energy, rail transit Large conglomerates of other industries

  • electrical

    In the field of electrical equipment, Daquan Group provides customers with 220kV below GIS, medium and low voltage complete sets of electrical equipment, intelligent components, busbars, transformers, power system automation and system integration.

  • new energy

    In the field of new energy, Daquan Group has built a complete industrial chain including polysilicon, silicon wafer, solar cell, component, Internet access system and photovoltaic power station construction.

  • Rail transit

    In the field of rail transit, Daquan Group and Switzerland plug Snow Dragon joint venture cooperation, the introduction of the world's advanced DC switch technology, to provide customers with rail transport traction power supply equipment and system solutions.

Daquan Group products are widely used in many industries.
Exported to more than 80 countries and regions in the world

  • City power supply

  • Metro and light rail

  • Electronics industry

  • Power plant

  • Airport

  • Building material

  • Financial insurance

  • Automobile manufacturing

  • Commercial buildings

  • petrochemical industry

  • Railway traffic

  • Rubber and tyres

  • metallurgy

  • Medical Science

  • Posts and Telecommunications